Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path known to humanity and although we live in a different kind of society than our ancestors, it is in our roots, within our consciousness and the ancient ways can show us a way to bring meaning, purpose, and an alignment within ourselves to the natural world to our place in the mutually dependent web of life

Shamanism is estimated to be 40,000 – 50,000 years old. It is found worldwide and in every racial group. Every one of us is from a shamanic heritage. Shamanism is not a religious path, but a part of primal knowledge and power which many people have lost track of in our modern, disconnected world.

Contemporary Shamanism

A contemporary shaman seeks to redress this power loss using ancient wisdom and methods for guidance, empowerment, and healing.

Shamanism works: If it didn’t then it could not have survived, and our ancestors could not have passed on the traditions and teachings to us. Indeed, many teachers, counsellors, therapists and medical practitioners have now begun to draw extensively from shamanic wisdom.

A Shaman contacts and interacts with their spirit helpers, guides or teachers who aid the shaman in their work. The best way to understand this is to view spirits as energy, sayings such as “In high spirits” means to have a high level of energy. being in a low energy state (run down) leaves you open to disease and dis-empowerment.


Journeying is a shamanic method of gaining information and solutions to personal problems and life issues. Shamans view difficulties from within a greater awareness, and do not seek to divine the future, but the possibilities of the present moment, so that the future can manifest.


When we are dis-empowered we are open to intrusions of dis-ease and illness. the disease can be understood shamanically as something living off or draining our energy. The Shaman draws this illness out of the patient, to leave your energy field clear, as shamans work with the soul and not the physical body.

Shamanic Healing is a Complementary Therapy which can run alongside your treatment from your own GP Doctor.

Energetic power intrusions may be caused by too strong a power surge and this may result in a pain or illness, and needs to be balanced and aligned. Imbalance within your body can also cause energy to be drawn away from other body areas, and so these imbalances often need shifting and realigning.


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