My non existent bucket list

Solitary Path


I don’t have a bucket list and have no desire to do so in much the same way I don’t have lists for anything, oh except the vague shopping list that says things like fruit, veg, food, that is. If a bucket list had existed though, for the last ten years the top item on it would have read ‘Sleep in the stone circle at Avebury’, closely followed more recently by ‘Climb Glastonbury Tor’. Neither of these things would have been difficult to do when I lived in Hampshire, but having moved to Ireland some eighteen years ago, a journey, by car and either plane or boat plus a suitable amount of time was needed to reach them and so Avebury and Glastonbury have remained a distant dream. This year though found us with both the time and inclination to make the journey. The ferry was booked, the car loaded up and off we headed…

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4,000-Year-Old Art Gallery Found in Siberia | Ancient Origins

Vivid red and orange paintings by Bronze Age artists go on show for the first time. There are ancient images of humans, a bull, a trees and birds in 20-plus ‘perfectly preserved’ petroglyphs in a remote spot in TransBaikal region. Most intriguing in the newly revealed rock art is a figurine and nearby a human-like image is a circle, seemingly a sign of the sun.

Source: 4,000-Year-Old Art Gallery Found in Siberia | Ancient Origins

Life As a Badger Taught a Man About Being Human — Science of Us

Lessons from a stint as another species.


Hundreds of millions of years ago, long before humans or birds or even dinosaurs, there was a lone mysterious creature, one whose evolution would eventually result in all of the animal species on Earth. Scientists don’t knowexactly what this universal common ancestor was, or what it looked like, but they do know this much: Sooner or later, if we trace our lineage as a species far back enough, we’ll see connections to every animal that’s everlived.


Source: Life As a Badger Taught a Man About Being Human — Science of Us

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