fullsizeoutput_68dGary Austin – Medicine Name: Red Fox Dancing

The Past:

I have been consciously walking my spiritual path since I was 13 that started with what is called a Big Dream in shamanic circles with events unfolding as I had dreamed them.  Since that day I have searched for answers to this mystery (and continue to do so)

After ten years of rigid boarding school and Grammar School, I went into the Royal Marines Commandos and trained in several specialist roles. Whilst in the jungle with the complete military life support pack weighing at over 70 lbs. the local guides had a small cloth shoulder bag, a machete, and were dressed far more appropriately in shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops and the jungle with their knowledge provided all they needed. (later I became a military survival instructor)

After leaving the forces I ended up with various awful jobs leading up to myself working as a full-time Photojournalist for the national media and later owned and ran a photo agency, which I did for fifteen years. While the first nine years of this were a great experience, and I even did an Art Photography Degree at the same time as a mature student, though fun and challenging, the accumulated stress led me to a dire gut wrenching need to a make much greater sense of life.

I had to take my life apart and start over a second time. I realised that the Royal Marines had almost satisfied my quest for adventure and numerous selection courses and constant testing had taken its toll and left with skills that civvy street didn’t want or need but had left me with a unique skill set and experience.

I was fortunate to have found my soulmate, a talented artist called “Alison” and we have been married for thirty years now and together we have three sons, now all adult.

I realised I had a deep interest in other cultures and traditions and I gradually came to realise that native and tribal psychology, ecology and spiritual understanding is far superior to anything in our world and I have followed this ancient wisdom every since.

In 1997 my Spiritual path led me to follow and study Shamanism and since then I have walked my Shamanic Path. I trained for over a year with Alan Tickhill and The Raven Lodge.

I also facilitate Shamanic Training Workshops for individuals and groups, Shamanic Ceremonies and Rituals. In addition, I also teach Primitive Survival and the additional Shamanic methods for hunting, navigation and awareness

It is my great joy to pass on to others through these workshops, some of the experience and knowledge that has helped me to transform my life. A process that goes on and on…

“I have been a Qualified Shamanic Practitioner now for seventeen years and will continue till it’s my time for my last journey!”

What is a Shaman?

A Shaman is a Healer, Councillor and a Guide.

As a Shaman, I spend my time walking with one foot in this world and one foot in the Spirit World. Everything has a Spirit and all energy is connected. I walk between the two worlds to seek help and knowledge from the Spirits, Power Animals, the Elements and Natural Earth Energies and use ShamanicJourneys to seek guidance. Shamans call upon the energies of Nature energies and Spirit to help to give Shamanic Healing to the people and land. For the most part, I use drums, rattles, feathers and natural objects to do this work, treating everything as sacred.

I work as a Contemporary Shaman but still acknowledge my ancestors and the spirit of the land


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