Buckland blasts witches who hex | Examiner.com

Pagan elder Raymond Buckland “stirred the cauldron” in the pagan community, so to speak, yesterday, by dropping a bombshell on his Facebook. He attacked those who hex as not “real” witches.

Source: Buckland blasts witches who hex | Examiner.com


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  1. well those who hex are witches not everything in witchcraft is goody goody all pure and love. We are all humans we do good and bad. One should remember there is no light without the dark it is a balance of both that makes this world. Not every witch is into the sixties flower power thing…The witches who do hex are real witches indeed…although they do not follow the Wiccan law, not everyone is a wiccan… Furthermore the thing he was referring to was not a hex but a binding and any real witch knows the difference between both end of story Not all witches are wiccans.


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